Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It’s a rainy day in old St. Augustine … Major rainy! At one point, over breakfast, I could hardly see across the street. However, it is a mild rain, and so I like that.

Yesterday, I published my review of a wonderful, Canadian book: Grass Beyond the Mountains: Discovering the Last Great Cattle Frontier on the North American Continent, by Richmond P. Hobson, Jr., that I described as “A true Canadian story that proves once and for all time that Canada has a history  equal to any in the world for colour, drama and interest.”  It’s true.

My motto is: “Canada has a rich and colourful his that, for the most part, is waiting to be discovered.” So why they can’t teach history like this in schools I don’t know. See my comment on that, and a list of more interesting Canadian stories: Canadian history made boring…

I guess the only personal news I have is, that after three years of having them, I have finally learned to talk and eat with my $4,000 dentures. Okay, that is probably more information that you wanted to know, but to me it is an happy accomplishment so I wanted to share it … Goodness knows, we don’t get to share good news very often.

The other bits of good news is that my health remains good (getting fat), and making progress with the rewrites. Nearly 50 pages behind me–that’s about 1/3 finished–that is if Microcrap hasn’t messed it up in some way.

Until nest time


PS: I see there is a major storm headed for Orillia via the midwest. Yikes! Batten down the hatches.