Easter parade in St. Augustine

I know my friends from the northern climes are going to hop all over me when I say this, but spring-like temps have finally come to St. Augustine in time for the Easter parade.

One of the things I really like about the South is their demonstrativeness–i.e. their show of affection for friends and loved ones that also extends to whatever community effort is going down. In this case it was the Easter parade, so here are few pics to celebrate the occasion.

Reading from top down, these first two shots are preliminary.  Everyone, including the dog is settling in for the show…

easter parade 2013_5

easter parade 2013_6

A sense of history follows. St. Augustine is all about history, both fairly recent and past.  Canada’s discovery actually pre-dates St. Augustine’s by a close to sixty years (i.e. Champlain’s voyage of 1492, and a bit less by Jacques Cartier’s voyage of 1534) but Canada has none of St. Augustine’s reverence for history or tradition–mores the pity.

easter parade 2013_9

A bit more recent,  this next short celebrates the planters in this area.

easter parade 2013_11

And, of course, you can’t forget the pirates

easter parade 2013_27

Of course there was a bit of other scenery, too.

easter parade 2013_34

All in all, it was a great parade!

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