A stretch of gloomy weather…

This has been the longest stretch of gloomy weather I’ve experienced in the four years I have been coming here. Generally speaking, it is unusual for the sun to be gone for more than half a day, but it has now been gone for three days and not in the forecast for another three.

It hasn’t been particularly cold (it’s 59F now), but with the wind it feels colder than what it is. In addition, it’s depressing.

I have been under the weather, too. I usually am when I come to Florida. I think it’s because I’m exposed to a lot more people than I am at home, and I haven’t built up an immunity to Florida germs. Whatever, I have been running a fever for the past couple of days, but it is starting to clear now.

I still haven’t resolved the wifi problem (slow.) The manager I deal with is out of town until Monday, so I will speak to her then. In the meantime I haven’t been able to do any writing–just haven’t felt like it. Hopefully, I will be able to get back at it tomorrow.

Until next time,


Working by the pool…


It’s an ideal day, and so I’ve gathered my stuff and planted myself beside the pool (with the Geckos) to do some writing. As you can see I have the whole thing to myself, so it’s a good place to work.

The temperature is forecast to be in the 80s for this afternoon, but there is a ‘Noreaster’ coming in tomorrow, with “significantly” cooler temps. What that means I don’t know, but I’m taking advantage of the warmth while it’s here.


I had a nice luncheon with a group of friends, yesterday, and it was good to see everyone again. Just about everyone was from Sluggers (including Joe) so we did a lot of reminiscing. It’s sad to see it closed, and the consensus was that there will never be another place like it. Such good memories.


It’s a bit too warm for them, today, but generally speaking I have lots of Gecko friends that join me. I’m sitting in the shade, so it’s a wonder they’re not in here with me.


Until next time,


The first photos of the 2013-14 season…

Today was the first that really felt like Florida. It was overcast, but in the upper 70s, so I decided to take the camera out for a bit of a shoot.

It was just around the hotel, so there are no break through images.

The first is of the hotel. It’s old–1930s, I think– but comfortable. My room is a bit cramped for the walker, but I manage.


This second shot show the entrance to Denny’s Restaurant (where I am now). It’s a bit pricey, but the portions are large and tasty.


This is another shot of the hotel from another angle.


This next shot is taken from the Nombre de Dios Mission across the street. The hotel in the foreground is my previous lodging, and the one in the background is the one I’m staying at now.


The Nombre de Dios mission is where Pedro Menendez de Aviles first landed in 1565, and is now a park encompassing a cemetery dating from the late 1700s.  It is accessed by a bridge that spans a man-made lake. Very pretty.


One of St. Augustine’s landmarks is the 209-foot, stainless steel cross commemorating Father Francisco Lopez de Mendoza, who celebrated the first mass on North American soil. The cross is 209′ high because if it was another foot higher they would have had to put lights on it.


The mission borders a lagoon, very likely the one Aviles arrived in, in 1565.


And finally, I will leave you with a Hibiscus blossom that I found on my rounds.


I will be posting my adventures here as they unfold, so make at note of the URL and tag along.

Gerry B.

Time to crank up the personal blog again…

That is, if I can get it working! (Man, the wifi is slow at this end.)

Yes, I’m back in my favourite spot for the winter, so hang onto this URL to share in my adventures.

It was nice to be greeted by so many friends when I returned. I just now went for a walk (temp 68F), and dropped in to see Julia at the Katsura restaurant. Received a wonderful welcome and had a bowl of hot and sour soup. So, as I say, it’s nice to be back.

Happily, my walking is improving as well. I noticed on my stroll that I can put almost 100% weight on my off leg, so I should be doing quite well by spring.

I’m still in the process of getting settled, but I’m making progress. Tasha, the housekeeper, has been very helpful in getting the room arranged for my needs, and has agreed to look after the laundry as well.

Sluggers (restaurant) is gone, but I don’t see much progress with the renovations next door. Even saw a housekeeping cart at one of the rooms, so I don’t know what is happening there.

That’s all for now,