Working by the pool…


It’s an ideal day, and so I’ve gathered my stuff and planted myself beside the pool (with the Geckos) to do some writing. As you can see I have the whole thing to myself, so it’s a good place to work.

The temperature is forecast to be in the 80s for this afternoon, but there is a ‘Noreaster’ coming in tomorrow, with “significantly” cooler temps. What that means I don’t know, but I’m taking advantage of the warmth while it’s here.


I had a nice luncheon with a group of friends, yesterday, and it was good to see everyone again. Just about everyone was from Sluggers (including Joe) so we did a lot of reminiscing. It’s sad to see it closed, and the consensus was that there will never be another place like it. Such good memories.


It’s a bit too warm for them, today, but generally speaking I have lots of Gecko friends that join me. I’m sitting in the shade, so it’s a wonder they’re not in here with me.


Until next time,


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