Catch-up time … Again

Temp in upper 70s today.

This may sound strange, but I wonder where the time goes. It seems that I have been getting ‘settled’ ever since I arrived here three weeks ago yesterday.

As most of you know, the problem here at the Days Inn is with the wifi system that is like going back to dial-up–it is sooooo slow. Loading graphics is frustrating, and videos are practically impossible.

The hotel next door, a Holiday Inn, is much better, but it’s also more expensive ($16-a-day more expensive). I love the restaurant, though, so I thought I would post a few pictures of the inside.

This first shot is of the scene that greets you when you walk into the restaurant. Also, at this time of year they have classical Christmas carols playing discreetly in the background.

cafe st augustine - corner


I like the artistic touches, too (red napkins, etc.). They add so much to the dining experience … And, of course, there are no kids!

cafe st augustine - tree v


The prices are quite reasonable (no higher than at Denny’s), and the portions are humongous! Here’s a clubhouse sandwich…

cafe st augustine - sandwich


And here is the rest of the restaurant

cafe st augustine - tabes by window


The other evening they had the Lighting of the Lights. It’s a big deal, here in St. Augustine. St. Augustine was voted 13th in the world for its lights. So I will leave you with this…

st augustine lights (3)


Until next time,


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