December 26, 2013: More tales from the inn…

Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of sitting next to a family of English tourists–father, mother, teenage son, and adolescent son. Their conversation was polite and quite sophisticated, given the age of the two boys. However, what was most delightful was that after eating the two boys got up and thanked their parents for breakfast and wished them a Merry Christmas!! Oh, that we could import some of this politeness.

A cool day in Florida (low 60s) and overcast. The wifi is even slower than usual this morning, and so I have to keep my hands away from what little hair I have left. That doesn’t stop me from expressing my frustration, and the air is presently quite blue.

The manager has assured me that a new provider is coming in the new year, but since the owner is somewhere else (in the world) I am sceptical at best.

Will do some writing today, still battling with one scene that just won’t come together, but it’s too cool to work beside the pool.

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