December 28, 2013

IMG_0339Working by the pool, today. The temp is 69F, and there’s a faster wifi connection at this location (…not the hotel’s). The manager says the owner says that he expects Comcast to replace this server in the new year, but I am sceptical.

The good news is the temperature in predicted to be in the high 70s tomorrow, but the bad news is it is going to drop from there.

The town is crawling with tourists, so I’ve been going to the coffee shop for breakfast, the last two mornings. My other haunt has been just too hectic, plus screaming kids.

However, I saw something yesterday that quite amazed me. The coffee shop has a corner-conversation area with settees and coffee table, etc.  Well, curled up in the corner was a c.12 y.o. girl with a book, and there she stayed for a good hour or so–as quiet as a mouse. Incredible, and reassuring!

Glad to see the temp is moderating up north (for today, anyway); now if we can just do something about the Canadian dollar. Presently it’s at 93.40¢, so every dollar I spend costs me $1.07 + bank charges.

PS. My friend Colin wrote me to say it was -32F in Kirkland. That should make everyone feel luckier, 🙂

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