December 29, 2013:

Raining, but mild. It would really be warm if the sun was shining, but even so I am able to work by the pool.

I like working outside when it is raining–so long as I am dry, of course. Fortunately there is a cabana by the pool, so I am able to sit under it. Of course I get a lot of odd looks, but I’ve long since stopped worrying about those.

Went for breakfast at the coffee shop again this morning. I go fairly early (9:00 o’clock), so I am ahead of the crowd. Tomorrow, with the bulk of the tourists gone,I should be able to go back to my usual haunt. Sunday nights and Mondays are generally the quiet times.

Speaking of such things, that group of idiots who come around at 2:00 AM were back again this morning. They are intentional morons, yelling and playing rap music in the parking lot. I’ve complained to the management, but I suspect they only have one staff member on at that time of the morning, and he/she is probably asleep.

Should be able to get some writing done, today.

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