Cool day (mid-sixties)

Today is ‘bookreview day.’ This week I have chosen a story set in Nova Scotia during the first World War. It’s not a GBLT theme, but it is interesting just the same. BTW, to see my book review page, Gerry B’s Book Reviews, go to:

The tourists are thinning out–at least some of them. They are an interesting lot. One group, from Spain, are quiet and sophisticated, and speak remarkably good English. Another Spanish-speaking bunch are from Miami, etc., and tend to be loud and pushy. Their kids are the same, and there is no such thing as discipline. Personally, I cringe when they walk into a restaurant because I know my meal is going to be ruined.

The dollar is 93.90 this morning. I took $100 from the ATM yesterday, and it cost me $113. However, it’s either this or -2F for a daytime temp.

Better get at it.



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