Still cool…

But warming up–70s tomorrow. and close to 80 on Sunday.

I ventured from the hotel, today. It’s the Chinese new year, so I went for lunch at my friend’s Asian restaurant. She serves curries to die for. My favourite is ‘Singapore Noodles’ featuring yellow curry.

This hotel is such a treat compared to Faulty Towers. Everything is clean and well-maintained, but most of all it is quiet. The clientèle is older and more mature, so they are generally more respectful. The better quality atmosphere might have something to do with this as well.

It is still gloomy outside. It’s been that way for two days, which is unusual, but tomorrow we should be back to sunshine.

More next time.

Another cool day…

Another day of mid-30s temps. There were even ice sickles on the weather cams in Jacksonville, this morning, and up near the Georgia border some schools were closed due to icy roads.

school closing

I haven’t stirred from the hotel on either day. I was long-headed enough to get myself a ‘just-in-case’ case on Monday, when it was warm, so I’m quite content. The ones I feel sorry for are the tourists–especially a family who came all the way from Germany. It must be a major disappointment for them.

The good news is that we start a warming trend tomorrow, and it is forecast to be in the upper 70s by Sunday–Hooray!

In the meantime I’m making slow but steady pace on the story. I’m still on the development stage, the lead-up to the main story, but I think I’ve got it right this time.

More next time.

Visa finally (hopefully) got my credit card straightened out.

I ended up with a substantial credit, having paid a current balance twice, but it will all work out in the end.

I still suspect that Visa deliberately held back three payments until the loonie tanked, but for me it means being out hundreds of dollars. BTW, I took $100 out of an ATM, yesterday, and it cost me $117 ($111 with the exchange, $3.00 ATM fee–another ripoff–and $3.00 bank fees.) It’s highway robbery, of course, but the farcical government won’t do anything that might be at all helpful.

It seems the miserable weather is the topic all over. It is mid-30s and overcast here, but some areas to the immediate north including Jacksonville, could get some wet flurries. Yikes. It’s nice  to see some moderation up north, though–if you can call temps in the teens for a daytime high ‘moderation.’

Needless to say I’m not stirring from the hotel, today. Should get some good writing accomplished. This upheaval with the bank has disrupted my writing.

More next time.

Grrr! Governments and Banks are a pain in my ass.

Visa has my credit card so screwed up that I don’t know whether I’m coming or going. It has assured me that the disputed item has been deleted (although it’s still showing up on my online account–that they generate), plus payments are being taken out of my bank account that aren’t showing up on my Visa account. Ergo, I paid one balance of over one thousand dollars twice.

To add insult to injury, the government has to stick its nose into things to really screw them up, because each one of these transactions is costing me well over $100 (x3)  in exchange. I really wouldn’t be overly surprised if Visa was holding these payments until the dollar had dropped below .090 cents.

Yesterday the temp was in the upper-60s so I walked to the beer store to get a ‘just in case’ case (rain and cool predicted for tomorrow), and then I worked beside the pool for a while. It’s not quite as nice a set up as Faulty Towers, but it is pleasant enough: plus I had it all to myself.

A group of friends are resurrecting Sluggers as a saloon, but not in the same location, of course. The old Ramada is presently torn apart from stern to gudgeon, so it will be interesting to see what it looks like when they finish.

Temp today, 55F and overcast.

That’s about all the news for now. More next time.

Can you believe it?…

After the assistant manager and I spent nearly an hour on the telephone to RBC Visa, just to remove a charge from my credit card, and being assured it was, guess what? It’s back!

It’s like a bad smell that I can’t get rid of. Being the weekend, however, I’ll wait until tomorrow of Tuesday to see if this is merely a computer glitch.

Walked to the beer store, today. It’s a longer hike than it was before (about a half mile each way), but I did it with no problem at all.

I worked up a sweat, though. It was only in the low 60s, but the sun was hot. Warmer tomorrow, but rain.

The new digs are such a change from Faulty Towers. It’s clean and quiet, and even the young people who arrive are well behaved. It’s a far different clientele from over there—older and more mature.

No news, but as soon as I get my account straightened out I should be quite content.

Book review day, tomorrow.

More next time.



Just had a look at the temps up north…


This winter sure has been a bear. There just isn’t any other way of describing it. The official temp here is mid-60s, but with a 20 – 30 mph wind it doesn’t feel it.

Finally got my account straightened out. Mind you, it took the assistant manager and I about 45 min. on the phone to MasterCard and Visa to do it. Which begs me to observe that you can add a charge in seconds, but it takes three days to remove one.

Then I discovered that Faulty Towers had placed a charge for $1.06 on my card (security deposit on a room safe I never used). Needless to say I was livid, so off I went next door to confront them. The charge was removed, but then I came back and wrote a review:

Days Inn St Augustine/Historic Downtown

1300 N Ponce De Leon Blvd, St Augustine, FL, US, 32084

 I initially booked into the above hotel for a six-month stay in Florida, but booked out after two-months-and-10- days.

 The positive things I can say about this stay are: the rooms were adequate, the housekeeping staff were efficient and accommodating, and the in-house management is pleasant.

 My first disappointment came with the wifi system, which is described on their web site as “high speed,” but from my experience was/is no faster than dial-up—if that. Most times it took nearly a minute to change pages, my browser frequently timed-out, and trying to download and watch videos was almost impossible.

 I complained about this inadequacy, of course, and was told that the absentee-owner was in the process of switching to another server by the end of November, then December, then the new year, but when I finally left (January 22, 2014) it still hadn’t happened.

Equally annoying, was the raucous partying that went on nearly ever weekend, sometimes until 4:00 or 5:00 AM. In particular, there were two or three carloads of hooligans who regularly arrived at 2:30 AM, radios blasting rap music, and people (seemingly intentionally) hooting for no reason apart from being provocative and annoying.

To add insult to ‘injury.’ after having my room entered through an adjoining door (for which there was no functioning locks, whatsoever), I was charged $1.06 deposit on an in-room safe!

 Would I stay at the Days Inn St Augustine/Historic Downtown again? No.

More next time

Stayin’ inside…


sick of winterThis is for my friends up north and in Canada. It’s cool here, too ( 40s with a wind chill), but there is no reason for me to go outside. I was wise enough to get an extra case of beer on Monday–when it was mid-60s–so I have enough to last until Tomorrow. Otherwise there’s snack in the restaurant and cookies at the front desk before the restaurant opens at 5:00.

We are still working on getting my account straightened out, but all that seems to be happening is that more charges show up on my credit card. The latest effort is to phone Visa directly, and so the assistant manager  is going to do that. I’m not panicking because I know we will eventually get it straightened out before I leave for home.

Otherwise, not much news except for writing.

More next time.

Getting settled…

Which is easier said than done. Just now I am trying to get my account straightened out. Yesterday, the desk clerk inadvertently put the full three months’ rent  through on my CAD$ Mastercard (for which there are bank charges included). It should have gone through on my USD$ Visa, in two-week draws. Now, here is the mystery part–somehow the full amount went to it, too, and now I have a whacking great charge heading for my account until they figure out how to reverse it.

Not to worry however, it will get straightened out.

It continues to be cool (low-50s) today and tomorrow, and the CAD$ is down to $.089. I think the banks and government(s) are trying to bankrupt me. It’s their seniors’ strategy: suck all the money out of them, and then let them go away and die.

Here’s a publicity shot of the hot exterior.

hotel exterior

In my new digs, at last…

And what a change! Like day and night.

hotel room

I’m sitting at that office chair in the background, with a bit of a view outside, but what is simply divine is the HIGH-speed internet that I don’t have to struggle with. As you can see, the room is large, but a bit cluttered for the walker (Why would I need two king-size beds?). I can also get in the washroom  without backing in, and there is a transfer bench for getting into and out of the tub. It’s a bit low, but I’m sure I can manage.

The move was not without its challenges, however. First, the gal who does my laundry was late picking it up, and that put me behind schedule by about a half hour. It was okay, though, because my driver didn’t show at all.

Called a taxi, and got checked in. However, the gal on the desk put the whole three months rent on my credit card. Fortunately, my online banking showed it as ‘pending,’ so I was able to have it reversed and broken up into two-week draws.

Other than that, I’m here and happy.

More next time.

Another sleep-disturbed night…

The same gang of hooligans arrived at 2:30 AM, this morning; car stereos blaring, and people purposefully yelling and screaming, but when the police are called they immediately quiet down and drive away.

It has all the earmarks of being an intentional campaign to disturb the guests, or drive them away.

I made my reservations next door, today. I haven’t seen the room yet, but I understand that it has a handicap-accessible shower–which will be a bonus. It is not to say I don’t bath now, 🙂 , but it is a sponge bath by necessity.

Today is book review day, so I will be disappearing in a minute or two until it is written. The good new is that I may be able to work for a while by the pool. The temp is in the upper 60s, with little wind, so it might be comfortable enough.

More next time.