More tales from the inn…

Some people can’t do anything quietly these days, including sex. A pair of ‘screamers’ booked into the room next door, last night. Fortunately it was only a tryst, for after the howling they got back in the car and left.

It’s a cool, overcast day in Florida (61F), but tomorrow it will climb back into the 70s. Next week, however, there are lows of 15F in the forecast.

Speaking about not being able to do anything quietly, there are a group of Hispanics booked into a room at the other end of the hotel, but I can hear them at this end with the door closed. Moreover, they seem to delight in spreading out and yelling back and forth–even at night.

I’m busy writing these days, trying to make this story work, but if this doesn’t work I’ll switch to another. We’ll see.

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