global warming

Brrr! You can always get more of what you don’t want, and adversity comes in generous portions. It is just frigid no matter where you look. Home was -13F this morning.

 It was ‘Florida cold’ here, but darned cold for Florida. The temperature was 23F when I started out for breakfast, but overnight it got down to 15 in some places. Naturally it is the talk of the town, and some schools have remained closed because of it. (?!) What would they do if 23 was a normal day, and a relatively ‘mild’  one at that?
Because of the cold (wind most of all) I went to Denny’s for breakfast. It wasn’t bad. Only one RK (‘restaurant kid’), and the music wasn’t pinning your ears back. However, I’ll be staying indoors to work today–I was wise enough to walk to the beer store while it was mild on Sunday. 🙂
On top of the cold they received a blizzard in Orillia, so I am waiting for a note from Steve saying that the roof needs clearing again. I already paid my hydro bill (!!). It was $291 even though I’m not there, and the thermometer is set at 60F.
The story is starting to come together, grudgingly, but I am making progress. I’d enjoy working a lot better if I could work by the pool
Stay warm, everyone.


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