Warming up … At last!

Glad to see the temps pulling out of the deep freeze in the north. Mind you, 14F (in my hometown) is still not balmy, but it’s better than -14F.

It’s warming up here in FL, too. Sixties, today. A bit of rain, more tomorrow, but the sun struggles through just the same. That’s what I like about Florida. To have a full day on gloom is unusual In addition, there’s 70s in the forecast for Sunday, and even an 80. Yahoo!

No excitement here. I’m getting a fair amount of writing done, and making progress. I think I’m finally achieving the ‘edge’ that was missing before. It was a bit too bland before.

My accomplishments this morning were getting to my regular cafe (next door), and walking to the beer store. I always like to keep a 18-pack ahead in case of bad weather. It’s in keeping with me philosophy of, “You’ve got to have a back up!”, and it’s served me well throughout my years.

More next time…

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