Another beautiful day…


At least for now. We are under a tornado advisory as well. However, the chance is minimal. The main concentration of the storm is in southern Georgia.

I think we may get something, though. It’s that sort of oppressive heat that generally spawns thunder storms.

However, I’m quite comfortable in my ‘outdoor office’ with a nice breeze. I was also wise enough to get a room on the lee side of things.

It’s the weekend, which means its ‘zoo time,’ and the crazies started to arrive last night–a groups of younger people who like to party at 4:00 AM. Also the language is like a cesspool without any regard to sleepers of seniors who don’t appreciate that language. However, it’s a sign of the times. Parents without standards, teaching their kids without standards, who in turn will teach their kids fewer stands … And so it goes.


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