Downright chilly…

For the rest of the week, and all next week. It’s officially winter here in Florida, but the good news is, “No Snow”…Not yet, anyway.

I braved the chill to go out for breakfast this morning, but I stuck to my room with the heat on since then. Fortunately I was long-headed enough to stock up on beer yesterday,  when it was milder, and tomorrow looks to be milder too. The beer store sells Power Ball tickets, so I buy a couple of those as well. Never can tell!

I haven`t given notice here at ‘Faulty Towers’ yet. I want to have everything set up at the other place, first. It’s my modus operandi–never step out of a boat until there is another one to step onto. It works for me. It sure will be good to work with a decent wifi, though.

I’ll start writing in a minute or so.  It’s coming along nicely, but I’m not racking up the pages. That will come after I’ve bashed my way through this scene. It’s a sex scene, and I hate writing those, but since its the first on in the story it has to be right.

More next time.


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