What a difference a day makes…

Yesterday was chilly, due  to the wind, but although we had a frost last night, this morning was like a brisk autumn day. Now it has warmed up to about 68 (18C), and about perfect.

I walked to the beer store this afternoon. I already have a full case in the fridge, but cool temps are in the offing (50F tomorrow.) So this is my just-in-case case, No wins on my Power Ball tickets yet, but you never can tell.

The clerk at the beer store is European, I think, and very helpful. He gets my case out of the cooler as soon as he sees me coming, and then helps be to strap it to the seat of the walker. The owner, on the other hand (East Indian) let’s me struggle with the whole works. After all, he’s got my money so why should he care–that seems to be his attitude.

For some odd reason or other it seems to be kids day out, this week. At breakfast there were a batch of them, running about like the restaurant was their romper room, and there was even one in the Japanese restaurant I frequent for lunch. There is no escaping them!

I must start preparing for my move from ‘Faulty Towers’ tomorrow. Scheduling, mostly. I’ll check out on the day the rent comes due, but I have to make sure that the other hotel is ready to receive me on that day.

More next time.

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