It’s the weekend, and…

The loonies are gathering.

Last night, per usual on a weekend, three or four carloads of idiots arrived with radios blaring rap crap. Then they all piled out to begin hooting and hollerin’ provocatively. I don’t know what their problem is, but they do it intentionally. In fact, I can’t remember getting a full night’s sleep on a Friday or Saturday night since I arrived at ‘Faulty Towers.’

Eventually I called the desk, and the clerk called the police.

In a few minutes I’m going to make a trip to the office, and tell them that I will be moving at the start of the next rent period (sometime before the end of the month, I think.) I’ve had it up to here, and beyond.

A chilly day (40s-with the wind chill) so I stuck fairly close to my room for breakfast. Unfortunaely, City Coffee had the stereo blaring, so ya just can’t beat them. My theory is that they’ve damaged their hearing so badly, that ‘too loud’ is their normal.

More next time.

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