As I sit here gnashing my teeth over this @##$%! wifi system, bleary-eyed from having my sleep disturbed once again last night, I am thinking how very nice it will be to dust my feet of this place (Wednesday).

For a second night in a row, some bunch of inconsiderate, moronic twits, spilled out of their rooms for a ‘whatever’ in the parking lot, at 2:30 AM. Some woman was having a hissy-fit with her boyfriend/husband/one-night stand (pick one) at the top of her lungs, completely oblivious of anyone else in the world, let alone the hotel.

They are just surfacing now, having out-slept their hang-overs one presumes, while the rest of us are standing by the Murine.

Anthropologist have just recently discovered that some humans have connections with Neanderthals, and I think I may have discovered the missing link.

Cool day, but 60-ish.




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