Another sleep-disturbed night…

The same gang of hooligans arrived at 2:30 AM, this morning; car stereos blaring, and people purposefully yelling and screaming, but when the police are called they immediately quiet down and drive away.

It has all the earmarks of being an intentional campaign to disturb the guests, or drive them away.

I made my reservations next door, today. I haven’t seen the room yet, but I understand that it has a handicap-accessible shower–which will be a bonus. It is not to say I don’t bath now, 🙂 , but it is a sponge bath by necessity.

Today is book review day, so I will be disappearing in a minute or two until it is written. The good new is that I may be able to work for a while by the pool. The temp is in the upper 60s, with little wind, so it might be comfortable enough.

More next time.

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