In my new digs, at last…

And what a change! Like day and night.

hotel room

I’m sitting at that office chair in the background, with a bit of a view outside, but what is simply divine is the HIGH-speed internet that I don’t have to struggle with. As you can see, the room is large, but a bit cluttered for the walker (Why would I need two king-size beds?). I can also get in the washroom ¬†without backing in, and there is a transfer bench for getting into and out of the tub. It’s a bit low, but I’m sure I can manage.

The move was not without its challenges, however. First, the gal who does my laundry was late picking it up, and that put me behind schedule by about a half hour. It was okay, though, because my driver didn’t show at all.

Called a taxi, and got checked in. However, the gal on the desk put the whole three months rent on my credit card. Fortunately, my online banking showed it as ‘pending,’ so I was able to have it reversed and broken up into two-week draws.

Other than that, I’m here and happy.

More next time.

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