Getting settled…

Which is easier said than done. Just now I am trying to get my account straightened out. Yesterday, the desk clerk inadvertently put the full three months’ rent  through on my CAD$ Mastercard (for which there are bank charges included). It should have gone through on my USD$ Visa, in two-week draws. Now, here is the mystery part–somehow the full amount went to it, too, and now I have a whacking great charge heading for my account until they figure out how to reverse it.

Not to worry however, it will get straightened out.

It continues to be cool (low-50s) today and tomorrow, and the CAD$ is down to $.089. I think the banks and government(s) are trying to bankrupt me. It’s their seniors’ strategy: suck all the money out of them, and then let them go away and die.

Here’s a publicity shot of the hot exterior.

hotel exterior

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