Just had a look at the temps up north…


This winter sure has been a bear. There just isn’t any other way of describing it. The official temp here is mid-60s, but with a 20 – 30 mph wind it doesn’t feel it.

Finally got my account straightened out. Mind you, it took the assistant manager and I about 45 min. on the phone to MasterCard and Visa to do it. Which begs me to observe that you can add a charge in seconds, but it takes three days to remove one.

Then I discovered that Faulty Towers had placed a charge for $1.06 on my card (security deposit on a room safe I never used). Needless to say I was livid, so off I went next door to confront them. The charge was removed, but then I came back and wrote a review:

Days Inn St Augustine/Historic Downtown

1300 N Ponce De Leon Blvd, St Augustine, FL, US, 32084

 I initially booked into the above hotel for a six-month stay in Florida, but booked out after two-months-and-10- days.

 The positive things I can say about this stay are: the rooms were adequate, the housekeeping staff were efficient and accommodating, and the in-house management is pleasant.

 My first disappointment came with the wifi system, which is described on their web site as “high speed,” but from my experience was/is no faster than dial-up—if that. Most times it took nearly a minute to change pages, my browser frequently timed-out, and trying to download and watch videos was almost impossible.

 I complained about this inadequacy, of course, and was told that the absentee-owner was in the process of switching to another server by the end of November, then December, then the new year, but when I finally left (January 22, 2014) it still hadn’t happened.

Equally annoying, was the raucous partying that went on nearly ever weekend, sometimes until 4:00 or 5:00 AM. In particular, there were two or three carloads of hooligans who regularly arrived at 2:30 AM, radios blasting rap music, and people (seemingly intentionally) hooting for no reason apart from being provocative and annoying.

To add insult to ‘injury.’ after having my room entered through an adjoining door (for which there was no functioning locks, whatsoever), I was charged $1.06 deposit on an in-room safe!

 Would I stay at the Days Inn St Augustine/Historic Downtown again? No.

More next time

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