Can you believe it?…

After the assistant manager and I spent nearly an hour on the telephone to RBC Visa, just to remove a charge from my credit card, and being assured it was, guess what? It’s back!

It’s like a bad smell that I can’t get rid of. Being the weekend, however, I’ll wait until tomorrow of Tuesday to see if this is merely a computer glitch.

Walked to the beer store, today. It’s a longer hike than it was before (about a half mile each way), but I did it with no problem at all.

I worked up a sweat, though. It was only in the low 60s, but the sun was hot. Warmer tomorrow, but rain.

The new digs are such a change from Faulty Towers. It’s clean and quiet, and even the young people who arrive are well behaved. It’s a far different clientele from over there—older and more mature.

No news, but as soon as I get my account straightened out I should be quite content.

Book review day, tomorrow.

More next time.



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