Visa finally (hopefully) got my credit card straightened out.

I ended up with a substantial credit, having paid a current balance twice, but it will all work out in the end.

I still suspect that Visa deliberately held back three payments until the loonie tanked, but for me it means being out hundreds of dollars. BTW, I took $100 out of an ATM, yesterday, and it cost me $117 ($111 with the exchange, $3.00 ATM fee–another ripoff–and $3.00 bank fees.) It’s highway robbery, of course, but the farcical government won’t do anything that might be at all helpful.

It seems the miserable weather is the topic all over. It is mid-30s and overcast here, but some areas to the immediate north including Jacksonville, could get some wet flurries. Yikes. It’s nice  to see some moderation up north, though–if you can call temps in the teens for a daytime high ‘moderation.’

Needless to say I’m not stirring from the hotel, today. Should get some good writing accomplished. This upheaval with the bank has disrupted my writing.

More next time.

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