As I sit here gnashing my teeth over this @##$%! wifi system, bleary-eyed from having my sleep disturbed once again last night, I am thinking how very nice it will be to dust my feet of this place (Wednesday).

For a second night in a row, some bunch of inconsiderate, moronic twits, spilled out of their rooms for a ‘whatever’ in the parking lot, at 2:30 AM. Some woman was having a hissy-fit with her boyfriend/husband/one-night stand (pick one) at the top of her lungs, completely oblivious of anyone else in the world, let alone the hotel.

They are just surfacing now, having out-slept their hang-overs one presumes, while the rest of us are standing by the Murine.

Anthropologist have just recently discovered that some humans have connections with Neanderthals, and I think I may have discovered the missing link.

Cool day, but 60-ish.



It’s the weekend, and…

The loonies are gathering.

Last night, per usual on a weekend, three or four carloads of idiots arrived with radios blaring rap crap. Then they all piled out to begin hooting and hollerin’ provocatively. I don’t know what their problem is, but they do it intentionally. In fact, I can’t remember getting a full night’s sleep on a Friday or Saturday night since I arrived at ‘Faulty Towers.’

Eventually I called the desk, and the clerk called the police.

In a few minutes I’m going to make a trip to the office, and tell them that I will be moving at the start of the next rent period (sometime before the end of the month, I think.) I’ve had it up to here, and beyond.

A chilly day (40s-with the wind chill) so I stuck fairly close to my room for breakfast. Unfortunaely, City Coffee had the stereo blaring, so ya just can’t beat them. My theory is that they’ve damaged their hearing so badly, that ‘too loud’ is their normal.

More next time.

What a difference a day makes…

Yesterday was chilly, due  to the wind, but although we had a frost last night, this morning was like a brisk autumn day. Now it has warmed up to about 68 (18C), and about perfect.

I walked to the beer store this afternoon. I already have a full case in the fridge, but cool temps are in the offing (50F tomorrow.) So this is my just-in-case case, No wins on my Power Ball tickets yet, but you never can tell.

The clerk at the beer store is European, I think, and very helpful. He gets my case out of the cooler as soon as he sees me coming, and then helps be to strap it to the seat of the walker. The owner, on the other hand (East Indian) let’s me struggle with the whole works. After all, he’s got my money so why should he care–that seems to be his attitude.

For some odd reason or other it seems to be kids day out, this week. At breakfast there were a batch of them, running about like the restaurant was their romper room, and there was even one in the Japanese restaurant I frequent for lunch. There is no escaping them!

I must start preparing for my move from ‘Faulty Towers’ tomorrow. Scheduling, mostly. I’ll check out on the day the rent comes due, but I have to make sure that the other hotel is ready to receive me on that day.

More next time.

Downright chilly…

For the rest of the week, and all next week. It’s officially winter here in Florida, but the good news is, “No Snow”…Not yet, anyway.

I braved the chill to go out for breakfast this morning, but I stuck to my room with the heat on since then. Fortunately I was long-headed enough to stock up on beer yesterday,  when it was milder, and tomorrow looks to be milder too. The beer store sells Power Ball tickets, so I buy a couple of those as well. Never can tell!

I haven`t given notice here at ‘Faulty Towers’ yet. I want to have everything set up at the other place, first. It’s my modus operandi–never step out of a boat until there is another one to step onto. It works for me. It sure will be good to work with a decent wifi, though.

I’ll start writing in a minute or so.  It’s coming along nicely, but I’m not racking up the pages. That will come after I’ve bashed my way through this scene. It’s a sex scene, and I hate writing those, but since its the first on in the story it has to be right.

More next time.


Cool, with talk of … Wait for it:


Yes, that’s right. However, the forecast adds that it is a “very slight” chance.

Still, frost is in the forecast until Sunday.

I have decided to leave ‘Faulty Towers’ at the end of the month. It is $15 more per day at the Holiday Inn, but that includes breakfast. In reality, therefore, it is only one or two dollars more. I believe its worth it, though, to have a decent wifi system–whereby I won’t pull out what little hair I have left–and to get a full night’s sleep on a Friday and/or Saturday night.

In a few minutes I am going to walk to the beer store. I have a full case in the fridge, but with the temps falling I like to have a back-up supply. You know: It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

Getting a good bit of writing done, but not many pages. A complex scene.

More next time.

Another beautiful day…


At least for now. We are under a tornado advisory as well. However, the chance is minimal. The main concentration of the storm is in southern Georgia.

I think we may get something, though. It’s that sort of oppressive heat that generally spawns thunder storms.

However, I’m quite comfortable in my ‘outdoor office’ with a nice breeze. I was also wise enough to get a room on the lee side of things.

It’s the weekend, which means its ‘zoo time,’ and the crazies started to arrive last night–a groups of younger people who like to party at 4:00 AM. Also the language is like a cesspool without any regard to sleepers of seniors who don’t appreciate that language. However, it’s a sign of the times. Parents without standards, teaching their kids without standards, who in turn will teach their kids fewer stands … And so it goes.


Ah, this is more like it….

Warming up at last (72), and I’m back at my ‘outdoor office’ by the pool.

I joined the Georgina Pioneer Village & Archives facebook page today ( As some of you know, Georgina is where my roots are, and it turns out I was the 200th ‘like.’ Therefore, they posted a surprise. i.e.

letter to the editor.

It’s undated, but since I mention ‘centennial year’ it must have been 1967. As you can see, I was a shit-disturber even then.

This spot by the pool offers a couple of real advantages. First, it’s outdoors where I can look around, And second it has a decent wifi connection (hooked into Denny’s). The hotel still hasn’t done anything about replacing the wifi system here, and I doubt they ever will. However, it will be reflected in my review at the end of my stay.

More next time

Warming up … At last!

Glad to see the temps pulling out of the deep freeze in the north. Mind you, 14F (in my hometown) is still not balmy, but it’s better than -14F.

It’s warming up here in FL, too. Sixties, today. A bit of rain, more tomorrow, but the sun struggles through just the same. That’s what I like about Florida. To have a full day on gloom is unusual In addition, there’s 70s in the forecast for Sunday, and even an 80. Yahoo!

No excitement here. I’m getting a fair amount of writing done, and making progress. I think I’m finally achieving the ‘edge’ that was missing before. It was a bit too bland before.

My accomplishments this morning were getting to my regular cafe (next door), and walking to the beer store. I always like to keep a 18-pack ahead in case of bad weather. It’s in keeping with me philosophy of, “You’ve got to have a back up!”, and it’s served me well throughout my years.

More next time…


global warming

Brrr! You can always get more of what you don’t want, and adversity comes in generous portions. It is just frigid no matter where you look. Home was -13F this morning.

 It was ‘Florida cold’ here, but darned cold for Florida. The temperature was 23F when I started out for breakfast, but overnight it got down to 15 in some places. Naturally it is the talk of the town, and some schools have remained closed because of it. (?!) What would they do if 23 was a normal day, and a relatively ‘mild’  one at that?
Because of the cold (wind most of all) I went to Denny’s for breakfast. It wasn’t bad. Only one RK (‘restaurant kid’), and the music wasn’t pinning your ears back. However, I’ll be staying indoors to work today–I was wise enough to walk to the beer store while it was mild on Sunday. 🙂
On top of the cold they received a blizzard in Orillia, so I am waiting for a note from Steve saying that the roof needs clearing again. I already paid my hydro bill (!!). It was $291 even though I’m not there, and the thermometer is set at 60F.
The story is starting to come together, grudgingly, but I am making progress. I’d enjoy working a lot better if I could work by the pool
Stay warm, everyone.


More tales from the inn…

Some people can’t do anything quietly these days, including sex. A pair of ‘screamers’ booked into the room next door, last night. Fortunately it was only a tryst, for after the howling they got back in the car and left.

It’s a cool, overcast day in Florida (61F), but tomorrow it will climb back into the 70s. Next week, however, there are lows of 15F in the forecast.

Speaking about not being able to do anything quietly, there are a group of Hispanics booked into a room at the other end of the hotel, but I can hear them at this end with the door closed. Moreover, they seem to delight in spreading out and yelling back and forth–even at night.

I’m busy writing these days, trying to make this story work, but if this doesn’t work I’ll switch to another. We’ll see.