Sunshine at last!!

We have finally emerged from the  gloom with a brighter, warmer day, and although it is overcast at times, the temp is forecast to be upper 70s–maybe lower 80s.

The bad news is that the loonie is forecast to drop even further, to $0.85. The prompted a letter to Flaherty, i.e.

Although I don’t expect this communication to do the least amount of good, apart from generating a letter of ‘brush off’ intent, as a vacationing, handicapped senior, I am disgusted that the loonie has been allowed to drop to the level it has; i.e. $0.89-cents. This, along with bank charges, which you don’t seem to care about either, is enough to make me a prisoner of winter, unable to leave the house with my walker.

For example, 100 USD dollars taken from an A.T.M. in Florida costs $120.00–$111.oo with currency exchange; an additional $6.00 for ‘currency conversion’ and bank charges; and $3.00 A.T.M. fee. This utterly outrageous.

And before you lecture me on the benefits to the export industries, i.e. oil industry [$12 billion in profits for Q4, 2013], the gas industry [$4 billion]and General Motors (which is subsidized by the Canadian taxpayers), I will remind you that you are the ‘people’s representative too, and the trickle-down theory never seems to get down to my level.

As I have said above, I doubt whether this correspondence will do any good whatsoever, but be aware that I am not a happy camper.

Gerry A. Burnie.

I am also waiting to see my hydro bill for the past period! Yikes, I bet it will be a doozie with all the sub-zero temps.

Going to try to work by the pool today. Yesterday, I got all the way out there–through three awkward doors–only to find that I had left my mouse behind. A case of ‘sometimers’, I think.

Better get at it.

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