I know, I know…

You’re probably getting smacked with another miserable snow storm, or something similar, but its another good day here. Hazy overcast, but still comfortably warm.

I’m working by the pool with only a light jacket. The pool area is rather plain-Jane. Rectangular with a quite narrow patio area around it, but it is adequate. There were  a few couples sunbathing yesterday, but otherwise I have it all to myself.

The painters are working with about a 45′ cherry-picker overhead, so I’ve got a great view of them.

Two accomplishments: 1) I’m starting to wear my dentures full-time now. My diction was getting so bad that people were having difficulty understanding me. Now that I have finally given in (…after four years), I like them. Learning to eat with them was the biggest challenge, but I’ve mastered that, too.

2nd) I just got back from my beer run–about a mile), and I did it in 40 minutes non-stop. Good high steps, too. My balance is such that I’ll never be able to abandoned the walker, but otherwise I can motor along fairly well.

More next time.

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