Another cool day…

And for the next two. A rather spectacular thunder storm passed through this way yesterday,and brought a cold front with it. Also rain until Saturday.

I was going to walk to the beer store for a just-in-case, case, but when I stuck my nose out the door I changed my mind.

The one positive thing about it is that I am getting a good amount of writing done. Not racking up the pages, though, but what I am accomplishing has a flow to it, and is solid.

The part I just finished is a pivotal scene that bridges the gap between reality and myth, and so I had to tread a thin line to pull it off. I think it will work, though.

The hotel continues to work out very well. The wing I am in is quiet–I think they put the younger ones upstairs–so it is quite a change from Faulty Towers.

More next time.

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