An uninspiring day…

As I look out the window it’s raining and gloomy with a gusty wind. I can wait it out, of course, but I feel sorry for the tourists (especially those who have come from Canada and Europe). To spend all that money for a get-away, and then be disappointed.

I downloaded Adobe Photoshop 12 yesterday, and it took nearly two hours to download. So I’m glad I am using someone else’s wifi. That’s a tip for anyone on a limited plan. Go to where they offer a free wifi connection to do your long downloads. But, back to Photoshop 12, I like it. They have made some useful improvements. For one thing they have replaced that awful grey background that was a real challenge for old eyes.  Also, they have increased the size of the editing screen (with the menus across the bottom.

I’ll be sticking to my room today, and it looks that way for the next two days at least. That’s okay because I am getting a good bit of writing done. It is really an ideal situation for that. The housekeeping is done while I’m out for breakfast, my meals are cooked for me, and the clean-up too, and as I look out the window there is NO snow!! So, if I don’t finish this novel while I’m here it’s my own fault.

Thanks for looking in on me from time to time, and a big ‘hello’ to everyone.

More next time.

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