It’s predicted to get up to 69F this afternoon, so I may get to work beside the pool today. I am on the north side of the building, and although I have a lovely bay window I don’t get the benefit of the sun. Besides, the pool area is the next best thing to my gazebo at home.

Things are quiet at the hotel. There is a delegation of seniors representing something-or-other, but they tend to be quiet and pleasant. There are exceptions, of course, and when some of the gals get a few martinis in them, they can be quite raucous…but fun.

It is interesting living at a hotel for the cross-section of humanity you encounter. Very few younger people pass through this one, except couples and kids (ergh), so there is very little human scenery. Just about every state and country is represented, too. One of the things I note about the U.S. is that it is rare to meet someone who isn’t originally from another state. In Canada, if you live in Ontario you tend to stay in Ontario. Interesting.

Today in book review day. So I should get at it.

More next time.


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