Sad news…

I received a note from my buddy Steve, yesterday, to say that Miss Nellie (a.k.a. “Mooch”, a.k.a “Her Royal Houndness”) passed on to Doggy Heaven on Saturday.

She was possibly the smartest dog I have every known, and possibly the most spoiled (in a nice way). Invariably, however, she got her own way. If she and Steve were visiting and she wanted to go home, there was no settling her until she dragged him out the door.

She will be sadly missed by everyone who ever met and knew her.

A nice clear day, but with a cool breeze. The numbers look great–upper 60s – lower 70s–but unless you’re in the sun it’s too chilly to sit outside.

Nearly goofed big time trying to change the background theme for “In Praise of Canadian History“.  I chose one I liked, but on activation it wiped out all the links to my past posts. Fortunately, by undoing it I managed to get  back to the old one.

I’m thinking of re-packaging and re-issuing the paperback version of “Two Irish Lads.” The original cover, and publisher just aren’t doing anything for me, so I contacted one of the top cover designers and a new, aggressive publisher, today. The Lads have done very well in sales, but I feel it still has potential.

More next time.


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