There is no god…

I just heard there are 187, 4th-graders, arriving at the hotel today, and staying until Friday. Yikes!! I may hide under the bed until then.

Gloomy day with rain forecast  this afternoon. Temp 57F. The big news however is what is happening in Georgia. etc. Can you believe 1″ of ice?! It will be a disaster. There were several guests who were driving back that way today, but their chances are slim to none.

The temps in Orillia are still well below zero, Fahrenheit (-13F this morning). It is supposed to moderate Monday, with a temp of 25F, but with 5″ of snow.

This winter sure has been a bear; however, apart from cool temps, we have been spared the nasty stuff. Thank goodness.

Well, yesterday’s budget sure didn’t do anything for me–not that I expected it. Bank charges are still outrageous, ATM charges are ridiculous, and cell phone and internet rates are completely 0ut of control. My Bell internet bill went up from $58 to $65 this month, even though I’m not at home to use it. So thanks for nothing, Flaherty, I’ll remember it when the 2015 election comes along.

Stay warm, and THINK SPRING!


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