Sunny and bright…

But cool.

To friends and family, I wish a …


It’s a  good time to remember all those who presently brighten our life, and those who have brightened it in the past.

I was happy to see the $CAD up to $0.91 cents this morning, and the northern temp at 27F. As usual it is not enough, but it’s better than than it was.

I was also happy to see the 187 little darlings heading home, although I must say they didn’t interfere with me at all. The hotel put them up stairs, and they were generally finished breakfast before I went for mine. Today, we have a group of inspectors from Holiday Inns Inc., so it’s linen on the table with cloth napkins and the whole nine yards–not that the restaurant isn’t always well appointed. Me, I usually ask to paper serviettes. Those cloth ones are just too bulky. Besides, I’m a meat and potatoes type person anyway.

With this cool weather I’m getting a good bit of writing done. I also contacted a new publisher the other day–one that is proactive in promoting its books. I see that quite a few others have switch to them, as well. So, we’ll see.

Recently I have gotten my soap box out over the budget. Everytime I see Jim Flaherty’s or Harper’s face, I could  smack it. What a useless pair of twits they make. Anyway, if your interested in reading my comments they’re on my Stop The Bull blog.

Can’t think of anything else that’s new, so more next time.

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