I’ve been derelict in my posting…

Sorry about that. I get wrapped up in other things (mostly writing) and forget.

Not that there is much to report. I haven’t left the hotel in nearly a week, but the weather is supposed to improve starting today. That’s a good things because I have to do a beer run.

Unfortunately that doesn’t help the folks at home, or in the north and north-east. The poor old Maritimes are getting bashed again–for the umpdillionth time–and I don’t think the temperature has gotten out of minus territory in Orilla since Christmas. It sure has been a bear of a winter, all over.

The only news around here is the Dunn case–where the guy shot the teenager over loud music. It was tragic, of course, but what has been lost in all this is anti-social aspect of blaring music as some sort of in-your-face statement. We’ve all experienced it. The brainless twits who, for whatever reason, drive around creating an intentional nuisance. It seems as though they are looking for a reaction, and in a society that is also armed (such as Florida is) that reaction may well be violent. However, since this aspect has been ignored, nothing has really been learned.

Enough of the soap box.

More next time.


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