It’s spring break…


Just when it was starting to warm up (lo 70s today) the hotel is invaded by rug rats. Hopefully they are passing through or a hold-over for President’s Day.

Yes, it’s beginning to warm up. Seventies all this week, with low 80s on the weekend. I did my beer run yesterday, and it’s book-review-day today, so I may be able to work by the pool. I like to take advantage of the good weather whenever I can.

I see by the net, that the temp in Orillia is predicted to be 28 by tomorrow, and 37 by Friday. Mind you, it only warms up long enough to snow, and so there are about 8″ predicted by week’s end.

Man, this has been a bear of a winter all over, so I want you all to concentrate very hard on this picture–maybe even click your heels together three times, and repeat…

Covered Bridge in Spring

More next time

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