Looks like the start of a nice day…

71 is the forecast.

Depending on the breeze, I may get to work beside the pool. I tried to yesterday, but it was just too cool for comfort.

Received a nice note on my Gerry B’s Book Reviews this morning, i.e. “Your stats are booming! Your blog, Gerry B’s Book Reviews, appears to be getting more traffic than usual! 41 hourly views. 2 hourly views on average.” Build it and they will come, I suppose. I just keep plugging along. That’s the secret, I think. Do it, but do it consistently. Anyway, I’m pleased.

Judging by breakfast, the hotel is still quite busy. No kids this morning, though, for which I am truly grateful. I take my small computer with me so I am able to catch up on the news and emails, etc., while I eat. The, while I’m out the housekeepers tidy my room so that I am not disturbed when I come back to work. It’s a good arrangement.

I see there is another storm tracking across the mid-west, but fortunately neither Orillia or Urbana is in its path. In fact, Orillia may climb above 0C for the first time in a month (at least). Good to see that.

More next time.

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