Ah, this is more like it…

The temp is heading toward lo 80s, but right now it already feels comfortable. I’m working beside the pool and about to crack my first beer of the day.

I can mention this because I  see the temp in Orillia is heading toward 39. Okay, I know that is a long way from 80, but it’s also a long way over -39, so we take our blessings where we can find them.

I’m undertaking to do my own interior design for Coming of age, and so I have found some Frederick Remington sketches as chapter headers. Here’s what they look like when they’re in place.

Part One


 western linecamp


 British Columbia, Canada, May 5. 1898.

 Rancher Spencer Twilingate smiled proudly as he watched his seventeen-year-old son, Cory, expertly cut a range-bred steer from the herd. Both he and his favourite cutting horse, Shaman, were as one as they deftly moved to counter every shift the stubborn creature could make until, at last, it was eventually forced to submit to their will.

I think it adds character, and it is in keeping with vintage cowboy books that all had hand produced illustrations.

So, today will be devoted to writing, and taking advantage of the good weather. I’ve finished Part One (the development stage) and now I’m just starting Part Two, which is the cattle drive itself. It should go more quickly, but there is still development that has to be done, i.e. Cory and Reb’s relationship has to deepen into love, and the mythical part gradually fed into the mix. Oh, and I have some great page dividers, too…

divider - stork sml

divider - cowboys horses

So, I think it will look a heck of a lot better than letting the publisher do it. To them they just want to print it as cheaply as possible,

More next time, and THINK SPRING!

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