Working beside the pool again…

As I have said before, the pool area is pretty plain-jane: Small, rectangular, and with a very small poolside, but I have it all to myself.

After the long weekend rush things are fairly quiet at the hotel. Kids are all gone, thank goodness, and only a few passers-through. They are mostly older, very quiet, and quite delightful with good manners. There are some exceptions, however–like the pair of old sour pusses at dinner the other evening. They came in five minutes before the dining room closed, gave an order that was more don’ts than dos, and then complained when it didn’t arrive in thirty seconds. Both the hostess, Maryann, and Joe the chef (6′-3″, 300 lbs.) were about ready to toss them out.

Did my beer run this morning. It’s about a mile the way I have to travel (to reach a crosswalk). Ironically, if I had a straight run without getting run down crossing the street, the beer store is only about 15 min. from here. Even using the crosswalk, however, some drivers go barrelling through, anyhow.

When the weather starts settling down I’m going spend an afternoon in the old town–with camera.

More next time.

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