Soggy forecast…

It’s raining, with some heavy rain alerts to the north. It’s the same until Sunday. I don’t mind the rain so long as it is mild, but unfortunately there is no covered area outside where I can work.

However, I have a fairly good view of the outside–although the scenery is nothing to mention.

from the window_0001_edited-1

That building across the road is a school, by the way, (just my luck), but for the most part the screaming little monsters are inside. The house behind it, the one with the typical second-storey balcony, looks intriguing though.

from the window2

I must take a walk over there sometime.

Although there are storms all around us, our little neck of the woods seems to be protected from all this. However, it’s getting major dark out right now, so maybe I spoke too soon.

More next time.

PS: I did speak too soon, but it was only a mediocre storm.


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