Another coolish day…

The temp is up and down like a toilet seat. Mind you, it isn’t all that bad at 62.

For machines that are supposed to be the great time savers, computers waste more of my time than any other device I own. Of course, Microcrap is partly to blame by making things so damned complicated (…in addition to the downright glitches.) I  spent most of yesterday afternoon trying to get the ‘page number’ and ‘header and footer’ options to work the way I wanted. Moreover, their ‘helpful’ instructions only made matters worse.

As of now, 24 hours later, I figured out one aspect of it with a half-dozen to go.

And on the topic of computers, the hotel very kindly provides a computer and printer in the lobby. So knowing this I went to print off a presentation copy of the first few pages of my new novel for a friend. Well, firstly it doesn’t have a disk drive or a USB port, so I uploaded the file (…the same one I was having difficulty with yesterday) onto Sky Drive–thinking I could just print it from there. Nope. Microcrap has set it up so that you have to download into the original program to get full functionality–like print.

Okay, I figured out a way around that only to find out the printer had run out of ink half way through. Errrgh!!

More (bitching) next time.

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