The case of the missing post…

I still don’t know where it went, but fortunately I had shared it on FB and when I checked it cam up. So, it’s there someplace, but who knows where?

Anyway, I copied it and here it is:

I see the north country is back in the deep freeze–5F this morning [Tuesday] . Is it never going to end?

Nice day here, between the rain drops. Going to do a beer run in a few minutes because there is more rain in the forecast for tomorrow. My motto is: Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Works for me.

Yesterday [Monday] was book review day, and so I spent the day doing that. Besides, it rained for most of the day. I heard the tornado siren for the first time on Sunday. Likewise the Indie 500 was evacuated in the middle of the race because of it. However, fortunately, nothing transpired.

A bunch of tourists arrived yesterday afternoon. They were an older crowd, but the nastiest old farts I have ever encountered. One old, hatchet-faced broad caused a bit of a ruckus over dinner. She complained to the assistant manager because her food wasn’t coming in time, and complained that the waitresses were rude. Rude?! One is the product of a convent education, and a more proper lady you’d not meet anywhere. The other is about the same. But this old battle axe had all the charm of a spitting cobra. Moreover, I told the manager so.

The frightening part is that she probably raised a brood to be exactly like her. Perish the thought.

Off on my beer run. More next time.

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