Catch up time…

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and mine are right up there.

It’s been either raining or cold (frost last night), so I’ve been doing some heavy-duty writing, and once I travel back to the 1800s I tend to lose contact with the present. I’m making progress, though, although you can’t see in my page count. It’s mostly reworking scenes to make them more credible.

As I say, it is cool here, but nothing like the north country that hasn’t seen a temp above freezing since December–Orillia 3F today, and Urbana 21. What a bummer! I have been heard to say that you can always get more of what you don’t want, and winter is sure living up to that maxim this year. Yikes.

There is no news, per se. I have a tooth that is just on the verge of trying to ache, but isn’t. I carry both penicillin and pain killers with me just in case, so if it starts to act up I’ll dose it with penicillin.

This weekend the old mission (Nombre de Dios) is having its festival. It’s a colourful event that celebrates the history, etc., in costume, so I might wander up there with camera in hand. The weather looks promising (70s), so it will make a nice outing.

More next time…

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