It’s spring break…


Just when it was starting to warm up (lo 70s today) the hotel is invaded by rug rats. Hopefully they are passing through or a hold-over for President’s Day.

Yes, it’s beginning to warm up. Seventies all this week, with low 80s on the weekend. I did my beer run yesterday, and it’s book-review-day today, so I may be able to work by the pool. I like to take advantage of the good weather whenever I can.

I see by the net, that the temp in Orillia is predicted to be 28 by tomorrow, and 37 by Friday. Mind you, it only warms up long enough to snow, and so there are about 8″ predicted by week’s end.

Man, this has been a bear of a winter all over, so I want you all to concentrate very hard on this picture–maybe even click your heels together three times, and repeat…

Covered Bridge in Spring

More next time

I’ve been derelict in my posting…

Sorry about that. I get wrapped up in other things (mostly writing) and forget.

Not that there is much to report. I haven’t left the hotel in nearly a week, but the weather is supposed to improve starting today. That’s a good things because I have to do a beer run.

Unfortunately that doesn’t help the folks at home, or in the north and north-east. The poor old Maritimes are getting bashed again–for the umpdillionth time–and I don’t think the temperature has gotten out of minus territory in Orilla since Christmas. It sure has been a bear of a winter, all over.

The only news around here is the Dunn case–where the guy shot the teenager over loud music. It was tragic, of course, but what has been lost in all this is anti-social aspect of blaring music as some sort of in-your-face statement. We’ve all experienced it. The brainless twits who, for whatever reason, drive around creating an intentional nuisance. It seems as though they are looking for a reaction, and in a society that is also armed (such as Florida is) that reaction may well be violent. However, since this aspect has been ignored, nothing has really been learned.

Enough of the soap box.

More next time.


Sunny and bright…

But cool.

To friends and family, I wish a …


It’s a  good time to remember all those who presently brighten our life, and those who have brightened it in the past.

I was happy to see the $CAD up to $0.91 cents this morning, and the northern temp at 27F. As usual it is not enough, but it’s better than than it was.

I was also happy to see the 187 little darlings heading home, although I must say they didn’t interfere with me at all. The hotel put them up stairs, and they were generally finished breakfast before I went for mine. Today, we have a group of inspectors from Holiday Inns Inc., so it’s linen on the table with cloth napkins and the whole nine yards–not that the restaurant isn’t always well appointed. Me, I usually ask to paper serviettes. Those cloth ones are just too bulky. Besides, I’m a meat and potatoes type person anyway.

With this cool weather I’m getting a good bit of writing done. I also contacted a new publisher the other day–one that is proactive in promoting its books. I see that quite a few others have switch to them, as well. So, we’ll see.

Recently I have gotten my soap box out over the budget. Everytime I see Jim Flaherty’s or Harper’s face, I could  smack it. What a useless pair of twits they make. Anyway, if your interested in reading my comments they’re on my Stop The Bull blog.

Can’t think of anything else that’s new, so more next time.

There is no god…

I just heard there are 187, 4th-graders, arriving at the hotel today, and staying until Friday. Yikes!! I may hide under the bed until then.

Gloomy day with rain forecast  this afternoon. Temp 57F. The big news however is what is happening in Georgia. etc. Can you believe 1″ of ice?! It will be a disaster. There were several guests who were driving back that way today, but their chances are slim to none.

The temps in Orillia are still well below zero, Fahrenheit (-13F this morning). It is supposed to moderate Monday, with a temp of 25F, but with 5″ of snow.

This winter sure has been a bear; however, apart from cool temps, we have been spared the nasty stuff. Thank goodness.

Well, yesterday’s budget sure didn’t do anything for me–not that I expected it. Bank charges are still outrageous, ATM charges are ridiculous, and cell phone and internet rates are completely 0ut of control. My Bell internet bill went up from $58 to $65 this month, even though I’m not at home to use it. So thanks for nothing, Flaherty, I’ll remember it when the 2015 election comes along.

Stay warm, and THINK SPRING!

Sad news…

I received a note from my buddy Steve, yesterday, to say that Miss Nellie (a.k.a. “Mooch”, a.k.a “Her Royal Houndness”) passed on to Doggy Heaven on Saturday.

She was possibly the smartest dog I have every known, and possibly the most spoiled (in a nice way). Invariably, however, she got her own way. If she and Steve were visiting and she wanted to go home, there was no settling her until she dragged him out the door.

She will be sadly missed by everyone who ever met and knew her.

A nice clear day, but with a cool breeze. The numbers look great–upper 60s – lower 70s–but unless you’re in the sun it’s too chilly to sit outside.

Nearly goofed big time trying to change the background theme for “In Praise of Canadian History“.  I chose one I liked, but on activation it wiped out all the links to my past posts. Fortunately, by undoing it I managed to get  back to the old one.

I’m thinking of re-packaging and re-issuing the paperback version of “Two Irish Lads.” The original cover, and publisher just aren’t doing anything for me, so I contacted one of the top cover designers and a new, aggressive publisher, today. The Lads have done very well in sales, but I feel it still has potential.

More next time.



It’s predicted to get up to 69F this afternoon, so I may get to work beside the pool today. I am on the north side of the building, and although I have a lovely bay window I don’t get the benefit of the sun. Besides, the pool area is the next best thing to my gazebo at home.

Things are quiet at the hotel. There is a delegation of seniors representing something-or-other, but they tend to be quiet and pleasant. There are exceptions, of course, and when some of the gals get a few martinis in them, they can be quite raucous…but fun.

It is interesting living at a hotel for the cross-section of humanity you encounter. Very few younger people pass through this one, except couples and kids (ergh), so there is very little human scenery. Just about every state and country is represented, too. One of the things I note about the U.S. is that it is rare to meet someone who isn’t originally from another state. In Canada, if you live in Ontario you tend to stay in Ontario. Interesting.

Today in book review day. So I should get at it.

More next time.

Another rainy, gloomy day.

Temps in the 50s.

This has been an unusual week from my experience. It is very unusual to go more than a day or so without sunshine. But, as we all know, you don’t have to shovel rain. 🙂 Tomorrow is forecast to be better–70s in the afternoon.

Speaking of shovelling, my buddy Steve sent me a photo of Orillia’s sidewalks:

snow in orillia

Yikes! If I was up there I’d have to put snow tires on the walker to get around.

The dollar is back up to $0.90 cents. I missed the $0.91 it got to yesterday morning. Even so, it cost $117 (inc. $6.00 bank charges) to withdraw $100 this morning. I still haven’t received a reply from Flaherty regarding my first complaint, but I’m thinking of complaining about the bank charges.

More tomorrow.

An uninspiring day…

As I look out the window it’s raining and gloomy with a gusty wind. I can wait it out, of course, but I feel sorry for the tourists (especially those who have come from Canada and Europe). To spend all that money for a get-away, and then be disappointed.

I downloaded Adobe Photoshop 12 yesterday, and it took nearly two hours to download. So I’m glad I am using someone else’s wifi. That’s a tip for anyone on a limited plan. Go to where they offer a free wifi connection to do your long downloads. But, back to Photoshop 12, I like it. They have made some useful improvements. For one thing they have replaced that awful grey background that was a real challenge for old eyes.  Also, they have increased the size of the editing screen (with the menus across the bottom.

I’ll be sticking to my room today, and it looks that way for the next two days at least. That’s okay because I am getting a good bit of writing done. It is really an ideal situation for that. The housekeeping is done while I’m out for breakfast, my meals are cooked for me, and the clean-up too, and as I look out the window there is NO snow!! So, if I don’t finish this novel while I’m here it’s my own fault.

Thanks for looking in on me from time to time, and a big ‘hello’ to everyone.

More next time.

Another cool day…

And for the next two. A rather spectacular thunder storm passed through this way yesterday,and brought a cold front with it. Also rain until Saturday.

I was going to walk to the beer store for a just-in-case, case, but when I stuck my nose out the door I changed my mind.

The one positive thing about it is that I am getting a good amount of writing done. Not racking up the pages, though, but what I am accomplishing has a flow to it, and is solid.

The part I just finished is a pivotal scene that bridges the gap between reality and myth, and so I had to tread a thin line to pull it off. I think it will work, though.

The hotel continues to work out very well. The wing I am in is quiet–I think they put the younger ones upstairs–so it is quite a change from Faulty Towers.

More next time.

I know, I know…

You’re probably getting smacked with another miserable snow storm, or something similar, but its another good day here. Hazy overcast, but still comfortably warm.

I’m working by the pool with only a light jacket. The pool area is rather plain-Jane. Rectangular with a quite narrow patio area around it, but it is adequate. There were  a few couples sunbathing yesterday, but otherwise I have it all to myself.

The painters are working with about a 45′ cherry-picker overhead, so I’ve got a great view of them.

Two accomplishments: 1) I’m starting to wear my dentures full-time now. My diction was getting so bad that people were having difficulty understanding me. Now that I have finally given in (…after four years), I like them. Learning to eat with them was the biggest challenge, but I’ve mastered that, too.

2nd) I just got back from my beer run–about a mile), and I did it in 40 minutes non-stop. Good high steps, too. My balance is such that I’ll never be able to abandoned the walker, but otherwise I can motor along fairly well.

More next time.