Well, it’s official…

‘Misery Index’ confirms this has been one of the worst winters ever.

98-vehicle pile-up on 400 HWY, Ontario.
98-vehicle pile-up on 400 HWY, Ontario.

According to the U.S. National weather service this has been the worst winter on record for many municipalities, and there`s more on the way!

It’s a beautiful, sunshiny day here, but although the official temp is 71F, a stiff breeze is keeping the comfort index down. I tried going out earlier day, but it was just too cool.

Well, I finally hit the penicillin. The tooth wasn’t that painful, but I could tell it had some infection that was draining into my system, and so I gave in. It’ll be gone in a couple of days.

There must be a re-enactment going on over at Ponce de Leon park because I can hear the canons and muskets being fired. It’s officially known as ‘The Fountain of Youth Park,” and it is quite an interesting and colourful affair. They even have a flock of peacocks wandering around. They can fly up on the wall easily enough, but they tend to stay at home.

peacock fan

Not much more news so I’ll get back to writing.

More next time.

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