Another nice-looking day…

But cool. The official temp is 75, but there’s a cool breeze that keeps the comfort-index on the edge. Tried to work beside the pool, but it was just to cool.

The northland is still in the minuses (i.e. -11F overnight) or being socked with snow. Contrary to popular opinion I’m not escaping his winter because I just now paid my snow-removal bill of $375, and the hydro bill is due tomorrow. I have no  idea what it will amount to, but I’m expecting $300+. As I have said many times before, winter is just one cold, inconvenient, unhealthy and expensive season.

Yesterday my tooth decided to really act up, but fortunately I travel with a supply of penicillin, so today I’m starting to get it under control. I’ll keep dosing it until I’m sure the infection is completely gone. After that, if it flares up again, I’ll have to find a dentist down here. I don’t know whether that’s covered under my health insurance or not. It should be for $1,300 bucks!

It’s beer-run-day tomorrow, because the rest of the week is cool and rainy. It’s also brook review day, so I won’t get too much writing done.

More next time.

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