Dreary day…

The weather is up and down like a toilet seat. Yesterday was close to 80, and today is in the 50s. However, these gloomy days assure that I stay inside and work.

The recalcitrant tooth seems to have settled down. I have been on a penicillin regimen for the past three days, which seems to be working. I am going to use all the penicillin I have to make sure the infection is gone. Also stepping up the hygiene, and hopefully that will get me through until I get home.

A bus load of rug rats arrived yesterday, but fortunately they are keeping them on the third floor. Otherwise the hotel is busy with people escaping the dreadful conditions up north. Most of these are pleasant, but invariably you get an old crab. One old biddy was giving the waitress a hard time over the ‘complimentary’ breakfast.

With some rooms the hotel includes a breakfast. It’s in the price of the room, of course, but they call it ‘complimentary’ just the same. Well, this old gal was haranguing the waitress on the point. Moreover, she went on and on even after the waitress told her to take it up with the front desk. Talk about driving the knife in and twisting it.

I haven’t seen many Canadian licence plates, though.

Wisely did my beer run yesterday, so I should have enough until the weekend.

More next time.

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