Dreary, dreary, dreary…

But, thankfully, the end is in sight. Tomorrow there is some sunshine in the forecast, and by Sunday we should see a 70. By Florida standards this has been a cool winter, and certainly the coolest I’ve seen.

I seem to be falling apart. First I battled a tooth ache, which–touch wood–has settled down, and last night I picked at a blemish on my ear and started it bleeding. I had to sleep with a band aid on it so I wouldn’t get blood on the pillow case. Fortunately, it has dried up, too.

Today being Friday, the tourists should start arriving–although the parking lot is quiet a present. Spring break is coming up, too, so the place will probably be crawling with rug rats. The hotel is very good, however, because it tends to keep these upstairs. I even heard one desk clerk say he didn’t but ‘screaming kids’ beside seniors. My kind of thoughtfulness, for certain. That sort of thinking comes from maturity.

It’s back to writing for the rest of the day. The two boys have been at odds for the past couple of days (a love/turmoil-type-of-thing), but now they are just getting back together–stronger, of course. I’m also introducing one of the mythical villains–“Nass-a-geyiel” the ‘trickster’ raven. He is an enemy of the two boys for something that happened centuries before in their reincarnated past. So you can understand why the writing is so tricky, trying to hold all of this together.

Therefore I will get back at it. More next time.

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