A superb day … at last!

Sunshine and 70s (felt like 90). My kind of weather. I did a beer run, and it was hot in the sun. It’s also good to see it’s starting to modify up north.

This week is ‘Bike Week’ in Daytona. Many of the bikers stay here and commute, so if you’re into bikers this is the place to be. Not many staying here, though. It’s a bit too quiet for their tastes. One ‘daddy’ came in with his ‘son’ for dinner last evening. The son looked like the ‘tricky’ type (hat on backwards, slinky shorts, etc.) and spent most of the meal with his nose in a smartphone. However, I suspect conversation isn’t his strong suit.


It’s good to see the sunshine, but I can do without daylight saving time. No one has ever proven it does any good–apart from disrupting people’s lives, and modifying their behaviour (because the gov’t can, type of thing). However, I guess we’ll get used to it.

Tomorrow is book review day, so I may or may not post until I finish.

More next time.

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