I think there’s something screwy with my stats…

I sort of keep track of who has visited the blog by country. This doesn’t tell me who, exactly, but only the number from generally U.S. or Canada. Well, today it says I had one visitor with 4 views, 2 from U.S. and 2 from Canada. Now how that visitor split himself or herself between two countries, I don’t know. Maybe they have a dual citizenship!

It’s an odd day. The official temp says 75, but there is a gusty wind and mostly clouds. So it doesn’t feel like 75. The rest of the week is 60s with rain.

I see the north and north/east are getting socked again, and Chicago has declared it to be the coldest winter on record. Man, this has been a winter to forget!

So far I have just puttered around. I updated my other page, In praise of Canadian History, and a couple of other side jobs that were hanging fire. That’s the thing about starting a page: you have to keep it fresh if you want people to visit. That is why every Monday, without fail, I update my book review page.

Well, back to writing. More next time.

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