My bikini thong will have to wait…

There was frost in some places last night, but it is warming up. Still sweater weather, though.

I think  it must be spring break for junior schools this week, because the hotel is crawling with rug rats, and breakfast was like a romper room. Ugh! Add to this the parents who let their kids race up and down the aisles, and others who just can’t be satisfied until they kootchy-koo a sleeping baby until it squawks, and you’ve got bedlam.

I’ll stay in and write today, but tomorrow is forecast to be in the 70s with rain on Sunday, so a beer run is in order between the two.

I must say I chose a good year to come early and stay longer. The temps are still in the teens in Orillia, but there are some days above freezing. Also in Urban where there is even a 59 in the forecast. Good to see that. Old man winter has certainly reigned supreme this year, with an especial bone-on for the east coast.

More next time.

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